Transformation Story – This Guy transform from an Ordinary guy to a Handsome Hunk

Looking for a little motivation? Meet Charanjeet Singh Badhan who shed near about 20 kilos by just being dedicated to gym and having strict diet plan.

6th month before and after
6th month before and after

Charanjeet Singh Badhan now settled in canada is from a small town Hariana distt Hoshiarpur. Apna Rangla Punjab team approach Mr. Singh so that his new transformation and fitness level can motivate others . With great enthusiasm MR. Singh gave us all the details of his fitness routines , diet plans and much more . Our team asked questions to Mr. Singh about all his transformation which are as bellow.

How he looks now- (HIS FACEBOOK PROFILE)


charjit singh before and after
charanjeet singh before and after

Our team asked questions to Mr. Singh about all his transformation which are as bellow


My inspirations are all athletes and i inspire myself to do more according to me “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” i work really hard to get in the shape.

What about your diet Plan

Diet is main if you work hard in the gym but u dont give importance to your diet you will not ever get desired results being dedicated to gym and diet will give you the all results. I made my diet strict and i strictly follow it for 6 months.

Diet plan

Morning – 5 white egg omelette+4 slice of chicken breast+spinach+ brown bread (44G protein).
Afternoon- 6 white boiled egg+ 200g chicken breast+ vegetable  (mix salad – 54G protein)For carbohydrate I make- 1 cup of oats+ 2 cups of water+peanut butter +1 banana (boiled it before adding banana),SOME TIME TUNA FISH .
Night – don’t eat a lot just my protein shake after gym
Drink a lot of water per day 3-5L minimum.
charanjit before and after
charanjit before and after

What diet should vegetarian follow

Vegetarian diet
Dry fruit, dietary products, cheese cottage, vegetable, soybeans If they want to lose fat , they just need to avoid carbs (no sugar, no roti, no bread).
charanjit singh
charanjit singh

What you dont eat

I stopped the consumption of  direct sugar, no cold drink, no tea, no fried food or oily food  #just_ate_home_made_food . i know it sounds crazy but when you see the results you will not want to waste all your hard work over that food which will not give any benefit to you.

fit body fit mind
fit body fit mind

What about your Routine –

Monday to Friday i work from 8:30 am to 5 pm (full time work),Saturday-Sunday (part time work). I Left home by 6:30 am morning and reached back home around 7 pm evening.There were times when its really hard but I fixed my time for gym 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.Slept by 11 pm and woke up by 5:30 am. I followed this schedule for four consecutive months.

in the gym
in the gym

What Exercises do you think benefits you more

Cardio was a major part of my Gym routine. I never thought about those exercise which everybody thinks will give results  i work on my preferred exercises only . I will continue it because I know what is good for me, I learned during this time, just go out of your comfort zone to see changes into your life .

What Difference you see in you self now (before and after)

1. Before i have breathing issues and i get tired easily  but Now I have more stamina for running and exercise.
2.Due to bulky body lifestyle was hard , I made my self more flexible and strong physically and mentally.
3. Weak before but now Build more strength and made my self able to do hardcore workouts.
4. My weight was 89-90kg before I started my diet and gym regularly, but now it is 70-72kg.
5. Major thing happened dress size changed from XL to medium,And I am  loving  it.

charanjeet in gym
charanjeet in gym

What message you want to give to the Youngsters so that they keep distance from drugs and alcohol and follow a healthy life style like you

My whole life there is not a single drug ever entered my body , my body is clean outside and inside . To all the youngsters i want to tell the the gym addiction is the best addiction because it never harm you . If u are gym addicted, then it will give you results with benefits. Drugs only gives you happiness for some moments , but gym gives you long lasting results .As there is a mannohan waris’s song “khadiyan khurakan kam aounian”. Drug addicted need proper training and proper teaching to avoid drugs and keep concentrate on good health, then our youth will have bright future.

we at APNA RANGLA PUNJAB urge all youngsters to follow the footsteps of Mr. CHARANJEET SINGH ,work hard ,dont forget why you started . DONT USE STEROIDS . GO TO GYM WHERE THERE ARE PROPER TRAINERS. DONT WORK TOO HARD , ALWAYS CONSULT EXPERTS .

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